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Phil Gaines returns to discuss ways park leaders can focus on personal growth during this pandemic era.

While COVID-19 has altered many park programs, on a personal level, the effects have varied among rangers. Even as visitation rates have increased in recent months, so tends to complacency, especially for leaders accustomed to former rhythms.

Yet, as Phil explains, if you’re an influencer hoping to mature in this season, you must refuse to be easily satisfied. Rather than stick to the predictable routines, dare to see where your passions can take you and explore avenues for learning.

For instance, you may want to seek a mentor who can impart part of their knowledge base and experience. You may want to carve out weekly reading time to discover new content and resources. Whatever plans you set, integrate new pursuits into the places you have become most idle. From there, if you find any to be successful, flex them into daily or weekly practice.   


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